Kensy and Max: Freefall

Kensy and Max: Freefall is book 5 of this amazing series by Australian author Jacqueline Harvey. Released early March, this book is a must-read!

Back at Alexandria after their recent case in Italy, the twins are surprised to see that Cordelia Spencer, the children’s grandmother, had invited a friend all the way from Australia, Curtis Pepper. This amazing boy had helped the children crack the mysterious and very bizarre case of Dash Chalmers and his evil plan of mystery and captivity.

Enjoying their school break, Kensy and Max are surprised with a holiday to New York, a bustling city in America. But, soon enough, the twins and Curtis realize that this is not an average kids holiday. After an explosion near one of Cordelia’s speed boats, the twins are banned from going anywhere outside on their own. No screens, no outside time, or even family time for that matter. With their parents at work and Song running everything in the Pharos safe-house, the children need something to do, and after a trip tot he secret gym in the basement, these smart children find a hidden room, behind a mirror. Time to get to work!

Dangerous criminal, Dash Chalmers has made it his mission to retrieve his children and wife and take them back to Australia as if nothing ever happened. The twins also need to try and find out who the Postal Assasin is before anyone else dies! They will need to be on high alert and have all the help they can get.

This book is full of fast-paced action, complex and complicated plots and interesting and intriguing characters. In this book, Kensy and Max show their ability to achieve anything they put their mind to. Travel, maps, explosions, codes case notes and secrets, this case will be a hard one to crack!

This book was probably my favourite from the series so far. This book is full of action in only 370 pages! Loaded with action, suspense and secrets this is all a book need to be a good one! This new book will be hitting the shelves of bookstores all around the world in a few days, so make sure to join Kensy, Max and Curtis in New York on this exciting new case!

I would love for you to read this book and enjoy it as much as I did, I recommend it for 9+ readers. So, what are you waiting for, grab a copy and start reading!

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