100 Dresses: Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance is written by Susan Maupin Schmid and is published by Penguin Random House. This book was illustrated by Melissa Manwill.

Ghost of a Chance is book number 2 in the 100 DRESSES Series out of 3 written books.

Darling Dimple, is a young girl with big hopes and dreams for the future, one of which is to find out more about her mum. Starting out, she was given a boring job in a place where a princess lived, Princess Mariposa. Darling was expected to wash dirty pots, pans and other regular kitchen items until her hands wrinkled up like prunes! But Darling wishes she could get a better job, so when the Princess comes down to meet with the head scrubber, Darling gets reassigned to a different area of the castle, where life becomes more exciting. She would press the princess’s handkerchiefs, scarves and petticoats and having the chance of a lifetime: sometimes getting to decide what the princess would wear! Isn’t life great now? But some unexpected mysteries and adventures start to pop up.

In the castle, some items belonging to the princess start to go missing along with some servants’ private belongings. Trying to find out the answer, Darling calls in her best friend’s help. Can Darling and Roger solve the mystery of why things are going missing and finally get the culprit under lock and key? This story might need 1 dress, maybe 2, or maybe even 100, to help them solve the mystery of who is stealing jewelry, clothes and books!

Join Darling Dimple on fun adventures, disagreements and an exciting mystery. If you would like to find out what happens next, pick up a copy of this amazing book and read it to the end.

This book is a great read, exciting and full of adventure! I love this book because of all the action and the adventure, and I couldn’t stop reading till the very end. Susan Maupin Schmid let her imagination run wild while writing this AMAZING series. This book  builds a whole new world in our minds as we read through! How about you come along?

To read the review of the first book (100 Dresses: If the Magic Fits) you can click here

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