Wundersmith was written by the amazing Jessica Townsend and was illustrated by Christabella Designs and Jim Madsen, two great artists.

Wundersmith is book number 2 in the NEVERMOOR Series with two books published so far and a third coming out soon.

Morrigan Crow and her friends have survived their first year as proud scholars of the elite Wundrous Society: they helped bring down the dangerous Ghastly Market, trading people, objects and animals illegally and have proven themselves useful and responsible to Unit 919. Now she’s found out she has a strange, uncommon ability, that of being a Wundersmith, a so-called dangerous and bad person, with only one currently existing in Nevermoor, Ezra Squall. Morrigan Crow was born on an unlucky day and was being blamed and treated poorly her whole life before going to Nevermoor. With lots of surprises in store for her, this year will be filled with excitement.

With a great chance of having another run in with the evil Ezra Squall, another Wundersmith, Morrigan has to be careful. But this task proves hard, because as part of one of her assignments she has to go on a treasure hunt looking for clues all over Nevermoor. Will Morrigan be able to avoid Ezra and will she be able to find out who’s causing problems all over Nevermoor? Another big question is: will she and the other kids who are part of Unit 101 be able to take down the deadly Ghastly Market? Pick up a copy of this amazing book and read it today!

This book creates excitement and fear at the same time. You want to know what happens next and if Morrigan will ever meet Ezra Squall again. Wundersmith is great book for upper primary and secondary aged students. Jessica Townsend is a fantastic author and writes amazing books and stories for both adults and kids. Make sure to look out for her next book in this series, Hollopox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow. And don’t forget to read the review of Nevermoor, the first book in the series – click here.

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