Nevermoor was written by the amazing Jessica Townsend and was illustrated by Christabella Designs and Jim Madsen, two great artists.

Nevermoor is book number 1 in the NEVERMOOR Series, with two books written so far.

Morrigan Crow was born on an unlucky day. She was being blamed and had been treated poorly her whole life just because everyone believed she was cursed. Midnight on Eventide she was destined to die, but then something surprising happens. Meeting a strange man, Jupiter North, she knows that she’ll have to believe him and go with him if she wants any chance at surviving. Then she gets whisked away, but not before being chased by black-smoke hounds and shadowy hunters trying to kill and destroy her, to tear her up.

Like all kids Morrigan’s age, being whisked away by a strange man and being told you only had one chance at surviving is pretty much unbelievable. Not know what to do, Morrigan decides to go with Jupiter to try and escape her fate and what’s been destined for her, she made the right decision (obviously). But to stay in this weird new place for good, Nevermoor, she has to pass four difficult and dangerous trials to be able to stay, or else she will have to leave and go back home to confront her deadly fate.

This book gives you excitement and fear at the same time. You want to know what happens next and if Morrigan will ever have to go back home where she was unloved and uncared for, then having to be killed and swallowed by the black smoke hounds and hunters. Nevermoor is great book for upper primary and secondary aged students. Jessica Townsend is a fantastic author and writes amazing books and stories for both adults and kids. Make sure to look out for her next book in this series, Wundersmith.

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