Kensy and Max: Out Of Sight

Kensy and Max: Out Of Sight is written by the amazing Australian author Jacqueline Harvey and is published by Penguin Random House Australia. Jacqueline Harvey is an award-winning author, who has written many books and several exciting series. This book series was illustrated by J. Yi. Kensy and Max: Out Of Sight is book number 4 in the KENSY AND MAX Series.

Having arrived back in London from their most recent adventure all the way in Australia, Kensy and Max have been preparing for their first Pharos review and studying non-stop! Back at school, a new teacher, Mr Richardson, is full of energy as he starts to take the drama classes. But something doesn’t seem right to Kensy about Mr Richardson. Maybe his looks, the way he teaches or that he was a famous actor? No, not quite. But Kensy has to get over her feelings as the twins go back to full time school and study mode. From engineering to Maths in the secret basement in Central London Free School the Pharos children agents-in-training are hard at work learning the skills that would be helpful later on in life when they would start doing missions. But, when an unexpected visitor arrives in the middle of the students’ science lesson, the Phaors science teacher, Mrs Vander Boom, has to act quickly to erase new kid Blair’s memory of what she’s just witnessed.

With the twins’ dad, Edward, on a baffling case and their mum also studying for exams, Kensy and Max need to keep on pushing forward. And, when Kensy and Max decide to try out for the school play, Max gets a lead role. So, having pity on Kensy, Mr Richardson decides to recruit Kensy for providing crew and stage assistance, while Kensy is really practicing to try mastering quick change. Her first task is to ride to a mansion, disable the alarm system and then steal a little golden horse. Mr Richardson swears that he will return the items that Kensy “stole” or in other words “borrowed”, but it becomes obvious that he is doing the exact opposite after Kensy finds a 3D printer in a locked room along with all the items she stole. Kensy decides to investigate, but not before telling her best friends, Autumn and Carlos, and brother Max where she is going. 

A long uncomfortable ride to Paris in a van chock-full with stolen items, Kensy needs to find a way to stay comfortable for the long three hours she will have to travel. But Autumn, Carlos and Max soon realize that something is wrong and decide to go in pursuit of Kensy and the stolen goods. A train ride and a laughing ticket inspector bring a sudden change to events. Now the hard part is connecting all the dots to crack the case, which is easier said than done.

But during all the ups and downs Kensy, Max and their best friends are always alert and ready to crack this case in time. And things don’t look like what they seem when the kids see Mr Richardson with another “famous” actor, Victoria De la Vega who is ordering him around. Kensy, Max, Autumn and Carlos have to act before it’s too late.

This book was probably my favourite from the series so far. It has suspense, a plot and bad guys! All a book needs, right? This new book will be hitting the shelves of bookstores all around the world in a few weeks, so make sure to join Kensy and Max in Paris on this exciting new mystery! Read it today!

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