Alice-Miranda Keeps The Beat

Alice-Miranda Keeps The Beat is written by Jacqueline Harvey and illustrated by J. Yi.

It is book  number 18 from the ALICE-MIRANDA Series. Can you believe Alice-Miranda had so many adventures already?!

In this book Alice-Miranda and her friends are at school, playing and having fun but with new teaches and students joining, dramas start to occur very early on. When a fire in the village happens, a family is badly affected and needs help. And when, the headmistress, Mrs Ophelia Grimm, goes on maternity leave after having a baby with her lovely charming husband, things really start to go off. New teacher, Miss Tabitha Crowley, and the girls want to hold a music festival to help the family in need but Mrs Grimm won’t even hear of it. And, why do the other teachers keep on receiving preposterous letters from Miss Reedy? There is something fishy going on, that’s for sure.

However, as Alice-Miranda and friends try to reason with Mrs Grimm, Miss Reedy is having a hard time. With the huge responsibility of being the temporary headmistress, things are really getting to her. And why does Jacinta’s dad pop up out of the blue to come and visit Jacinta and her mum? Does he really want to be with them again or does he want something from them?

While reading this book, you become even more curious to discover what is going on behind the scenes and to see the drama unfold before your eyes.  If you want to find out more, then pick up a copy of this amazing, glamorous story and read this exciting adventure today.

Jacqueline Harvey has gotten her readers used to Alice-Miranda’s resourcefulness by now. As the beloved character is easily making friends with her kindness, openness, generosity and bubbly personality, we also come to expect that Alice-Miranda is saving the day and setting things right. Will this be true for the new Alice-Miranda’s adventure at school?

I very much enjoyed reading Alice-Miranda Keeps The Beat as it is a captivating, action-packed and well written story, with a very satisfying plot and unexpected conclusion. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone between 8 and 14 – my mum also had a sneak-peak and a quick read of it.

Now I’m looking forward to Alice-Miranda’s next adventure in book number 19 and to reading book number 4 in the KENSY AND MAX series.

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