Samaira and the Gang in London

Samaira and the Gang in London is an illustrated comic book written by Priyanka Vermani and illustrated by Farukh Nadaf.

Meet Samaira, a Harry Potter fan, bookworm, and a fun, determined young woman. Roy, has a Facebook addiction, and is 24/7 on his phone. He is a sports maniac, and LOVES listening to music. Also meet fashionista, Lauren, the prettiest of them all! Lauren has a loyal, loving dog and has lots of brains (and beauty of course!) And, Harry. Always dressed from the 90’s. Harry loves to sketch and is Lauren’s bodyguard (knight in shining armour). All four of them, Samaira, Lauren, Roy and Harry, decide to leave India and go on a trip to London!  But, after getting off the plane and going to collect their baggage, there seems to be a problem as Samaira has brought 20 guide books in her suitcase and Lauren has brought 20 small bags! Neither girl knows how to pack light…

After arriving at Aunt Sara’s place, the four friends decide that they wanted to go up the London Eye ferris wheel. Going to the train station proved a problem, though. Roy, wanted to listen to music on the escalator but went on the wrong lane! The 4 then lose each other, but after some frantic searching they finally regroup. Samaira, Lauren, Harry and Roy visit some cool places in London and also get to see the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Boat!

Join Samaira and her gang on their exciting trip overseas for some fun adventures around London, follow their disagreements and exciting discoveries. If you would like to visit famous London landmarks and see fashion, history and culture through the eye of these four teenagers, then pick up a copy of this comic book and read to the end.

This book is a great read, full of wonderful illustrations, simple and catchy story line and full of adventures in amazing settings! I loved this book because of all the action, dialogue and the discoveries of the four friends. It was a great way to read about how people travel and learn more about London!

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