Kensy and Max: Disappearing Act

Kensy and Max: Disappearing Act is written by Australian author Jacqueline Harvey and is published by Penguin Random House Australia. Jacqueline Harvey is an award-winning author, who has written many books and several exciting series. This book series was illustrated by J. Yi. Kensy and Max: Disappearing Act is book number 2 in the KENSY AND MAX Series.

Kensy and Max Grey, 11 years old twins, have spent time in London where they had some scary adventures, a near abduction and parents gone missing. Now they are agents-in-training at an international spy network and they feel there are secrets all around them, especially with their parents still missing. They welcome a break for Christmas and look forward to some quiet time and chillax, but it’s not meant to be! They end up in Rome for a school excursion and they find a boy who’s been kidnapped by some organisation worse than even Mafia! And it looks like Kensy, Max and their Pharos friends will have to solve this problem themselves as the teachers are involved in a bigger mission.

But the children have their own challenges on top of the Diavolo gang. Their manny, Fitz, and their uncle Rupert, go away to look for Kensy and Max’s missing parents, so the children are left on their own. They try to take the boy back to his mum so the Diavolo gang wouldn’t hurt him and prevent the gang from taking control of Italy’s food supply chain.

Then something exciting occurs at the Vatican as Kensy and Max are visiting a church with their school friends. The plot only thickens from now on…

Join Kensy and Max in Rome and follow them on an exciting mystery! If you would like to find out in more details what happens and how their adventure ends, pick up a copy of this amazing book and read to the end.

This book is a great read, exciting and full of nail-biting suspense! I love this book because of all the action and adventure. I couldn’t stop reading it to the very end. This book was released earlier this month and is a great one for school students in upper primary. Thanks Jacqueline for another amazing book!

If you would like to read the review of Kensy and Max: Breaking News (the first book) you can click here.

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