Friday Barnes: Danger Ahead

Friday Barnes: Danger Ahead is written by R.A. Spratt and illustrated by Lilly Piri.

It is book number 6 from the FRIDAY BARNES Series.

After Ian Wainscott (Friday’s love!) leaves to the Cayman Islands, things start to go terribly wrong. Ian is kidnapped! So Melanie and Friday go to rescue him, but with a tempered kidnapper, and a saucepan, plus Friday going overboard, will things turn out alright after all? And police involvement doesn’t help the situation either.

The headmaster has a special treat in store for year 8: going on a four week survival skills camp at Camp Courage, just great! There they will learn wilderness and survival skills, but the camp counsellors are acting strangely, and why is it that Sebastian, Friday’s camp counsellor, is always tired during the day? Friday is determined to uncover the truth. But will this job also need police assistance? Read the book to find out!

Danger Ahead was the only book I hadn’t read in the FRIDAY BARNES Series written so far, and I was wondering what adventure I had missed. This book was entertaining, exciting and adventurous, ALL at the same time. R.A. Spratt has a way of drawing the audience to the events that happen and her writing is witty and bright. R.A Spratt has also written the NANNY PIGGINS Series, and a new series called THE PESKI KIDS. I’ve loved all these series, each book with its own drama and excitement. I would really recommend these books for upper primary students in around years 4-7 in school. This is a great book pick!

If you would like to find out more about R.A. Spratt,  please click here.

If you would like to watch an introduction video to book 1, the video link is below.


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