Friday Barnes: Never Fear

Friday Barnes: Never Fear is written by R.A. Spratt and illustrated by Lilly Piri.

It is book number 8 from the FRIDAY BARNES Series.

After a nail-biting adventure in the previous book (no. 7 in the series), where Friday Barnes and her friends need to sort out the mystery of one of the headmaster’s disappearance, now in book eight, there’s a rumour going round about gold buried in the school grounds, and Friday is determined to discover the truth. The new headmaster doesn’t make life easy and neither does Friday, who has a really high IQ test result, and is always having time in detention. After an explosive episode of events, with Ian and a pair of pants, things start to get hyped! Not just that, stranger and stranger occurrences start to pop – up and, things start to GO OFF! Literately! But how can Friday work things out in detention? She might just need to do some night time break-ins!

A huge hole, a fake ID and a pair of pants make this action-packed book more exciting. It  has a fab ending that will keep you hooked! Buy and read the book to find out more.

This book was a great hit on my list and I was itching to read and review it. The part I liked most, was when Friday broke into the school by the puppy door in the laundry, and Ian comes after her. There was also a chapter called ‘When is an Implosion not an Implosion?’, that had quite a few explosive events, no, literally there were explosive events! This book is packed with fun, and excitement. R.A Spratt has a way of drawing the audience to the events that happen, and her writing is witty and bright. R.A Spratt has also written the NANNY PIGGINS Series, and a new series called THE PESKI KIDS. I’ve loved all these series, each book with its own drama and excitement. I would really recommend these books for upper primary students in around year 4-7 in school. This is a great book pick!

If you would like to watch an introduction video to book 1, the video link is below.


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