Little Witch: Hauntings & Hexes

Little Witch: Hauntings & Hexes is written by Australian author Aleesah Darlison and is published by Big Sky Publishing. Aleesah Darlison has written over 36 books and is an award-winning author. This book was illustrated by Christine Schiedel and wouldn’t have made it on the shelves if Aleesah or Christine wouldn’t have started on it.

Little Witch: Hauntings & Hexes is book number 2 in the LITTLE WITCH Series.

The summer holidays are ending, and it is time for Courtney to start at her new school in Mixton Bay. But making new friends, doing lessons, working on homework and practising her witchcraft might be a bit too much for her. All Courtney wishes for is that she doesn’t have to go to school and that the summer holidays won’t end! Courtney has been practising her witchcraft during the holidays and has been trying to make her own spells but they don’t work!

Fitting in at school might not be the easiest thing to do for Courtney, as she has way too many things on her mind, as well as trying to make friends and be a normal schoolgirl. On her first day Courtney has too many butterflies in her tummy and tries a spell to get rid of them, but… the spell goes wrong!

As Courtney’s powers increase, she learns more and more, and the challenges that she face are harder and require lots of concentration and the situations start to intensify.  When Courtney accidentally lets a bad, naughty and troublesome spirit into the world, things get out of control. When Courtney goes to the cemetery to visit her grandmother’s grave, she finds an unknown family crypt, while she is trying to get out of the rain. There she meets a ghost and gets scared out of her wits! Desperate to advance in the ways of witchcraft, Courtney pushes herself to her limits, that then lead to lots of mistakes.

Things start to get dangerous for Courtney and the people closest to her. It is up to Courtney, her grandmother’s magical cat, Ink, and her witch friends to save the day. Will things turn out alright after all? If you would like to find out what happens next, pick up a copy of this fantastic book and read to the end.

This book is a great read, exciting and full of adventure! I love this book because I was looking for something new to read, and I stumbled upon it in the school library, and couldn’t stop reading till the very end. Aleesah Darlison let her imagination run loose and wrote an AMAZING book, which builds a whole new world in our minds as we read through Courtney’s adventures.

If you would like to see the trailer for the LITTLE WITCH series, you can watch it below:

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