Pippa’s Island: Camp Castaway

Camp Castaway is the 4th book in the PIPPA’S ISLAND series written by Belinda Murrell, a full-time author of wonderful books including LULU BELL, THE TIME SLIP series and THE SUN SWORD TRILOGY series.

In this book, Pippa and her class mates are going on a school camp, but Pippa has never been away on a camp before, at least never to a deserted island… Pippa and her friends are excited and in high spirits and can’t wait to spend five glorious days exploring Shipwreck Island’s wonderful lagoons, beautiful beaches and thick dark forests. But, when the teams get regrouped, Pippa finds herself in a group with Olivia who thinks she’s the boss. Can Pippa learn to cooperate with Olivia and the other girls, or will the camp become a disaster?

Their class teacher, Mrs Marshall, promised the class an exciting, and glorious camp with fun challenges and games, but what she didn’t mention was the tricks! The boys are playing their pranks, but the girls have decided to turn the tables on them, after way too many annoyances!

With mishaps, tricks, and fun Pippa’s camp was a time to remember. It was great to read the book and to find out about Pippa’s and her friends’ new adventures. And there is an incredible lemon pancake recipe at the end of the book for you to enjoy!

I loved this book because I really enjoyed book 1, 2, and 3 of the series, Pippa’s Island: The Beach Shack Cafe, Pippa’s Island: Cub Reporters, and  Pippa’s Island: Kira Dreaming. I was so curious to find out about Pippa’s new adventures, if she would cooperate with Olivia in the end, and if the girls would take revenge on the boys tricks. Belinda’s storytelling is captivating, exciting and draws you in to the very last page.

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