Yay! It’s Library Day!

Yay! It’s Library Day! is a picture book written by Australian author Aleesah Darlison published by Wombat Books and illustrated by students from all over Australia, who chosen to work on this project after an illustration competition. Aleesah Darlison has written over 36 books and is an award-winning author. She is currently touring Australia to launch Yay! It’s Library Day! and hold creative workshops at various schools and venues.

In this newly launched book, Oliver and Ivy wake up one morning, run into their parents bedroom and wake them with shouts of joy, “Yay! It’s Library Day!” As he promised, their dad takes them to the library and they scour the shelves looking for the perfect books. As they pick up and start reading a book, they get so absorbed in it that they feel it real and their whole world transforms around them. They see dancing elephants in tuxedos, go to fairytale lands, have ocean adventures, and fly across the sky on a magic carpet.

This book is a good read, exciting and easy to relate to. The experiences described in the book are those of every day readers, as we tend to let our imagination loose and build a whole world in our minds as we read.

I enjoyed being part of the launch event, hearing Aleesah talk about the way she writes, and looking at the students’ illustrations in the book. Our school is lucky to have one of our former student’s drawing featured in Yay! It’s Library Day! 


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