The Uncommoners: The Crooked Sixpence

The Uncommoners: The Crooked Sixpence, is the first book in THE UNCOMMONERS series written by the U.K. author, Jennifer Bell, and is illustrated by Karl James Mountford.

Ivy and Sebastian Sparrow know there is trouble ahead when their Granma Sylvie has just been rushed to hospital and when they arrive home, they find her house had been raided by intruders. There is also a warning message encrusted on the kitchen wall. Plus there are two funny looking police officers on the house doorstep in weird looking uniforms waving around what seem to be toilet brushes. The officers wish to interview the children, but Ivy and Seb feel something is not quite right.

The children manage to escape with the help of Valian, a strange looking boy who hides them in a suitcase. From now onwards, they are transported to the magical city of Lundinor, under the streets of London. Nothing is quite what it looks like, common objects have magical powers, help comes from the strangest and most unexpected places and people. Ivy and Seb face the challenge of getting out of Lundinor, while they also uncover their family’s hidden past and are threatened by a very powerful but evil group.

Ivy and Seb have obstacles to face and scary fantasy creatures ahead of them as they try to escape Lundinor safe and sound. Will Ivy and Seb be able to go back to their London home?

I really enjoyed reading this book and finding out what happens to Ivy and Seb, discovering their adventures, the hidden family secret and part of the truth about Granma Sylvie. The pace and rhythm of the story is fast, things change quickly and everything is unpredictable. You just need to keep reading to find out what happens next!


News: Pippa’s Island Book 4, Camp Castaway, is getting closer to being printed!

Pippa and her friends are headed to camp. They are ready for lots of fun but what happens when they are split apart?

The Sassy Sisters are looking forward to relaxing on the beach of Shipwreck Island and exploring the lagoon. But Pippa has never been away on a camp before and she has to learn to work as a team with Olivia and the rest of the girls.

The boys are playing their pranks and the girls are deciding to turn the tables on them.

Will all of the them survive the adventures and the challenges?

I can’t wait for this book to be printed! It is expected to be available on April 1. I am very much looking forward to reading it with a glass of chocolate coconut water by my side 🙂

Pippa Island Camp Castaway