Pippa’s Island: Cub Reporters

Cub Reporters is the 2nd book in the PIPPA’S ISLAND series written by Belinda Murrell, a full-time author of wonderful books including LULU BELL and THE TIME SLIP series.

Pippa, her brother, mother and little sister have gotten an annoying little dog. Her name is Summer and she chews nearly everything in her sight (especially shoes!).

When the librarian Mrs. Neill announces that a new school newspaper will be launched, lots of kids get to work to get their story through to the front cover of the newspaper. Pippa, Charlie, Meg and Cici decide that they want to do some fashion shots of kids in their favorite clothes doing what they like. But Olivia and her friends also want to get their report on the front cover, so this starts a competition. Olivia, Sienna, Willow and Tash want to interview a famous singer, Ruby Starr.

With friends having different interests, bad weather brewing, and other mishaps, who will get their story on the front page and how will they save the day? Read the book to find out Pippa’s and her friends’ new adventures. And there is yummy strawberry cream cupcake recipe at the end of the book to remind you of summer and ocean cafes!

I loved this book because I really enjoyed book 1 of the series, Pippa’s Island: The Beach Shack Cafe and I was curious to find out about Pippa’s new adventures and how she was settling in on her new island and in her new school. Belinda’s storytelling is captivating, exciting and draws you in to the very last page.

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Pippa’s Island: The Beach Shack Cafe

The Beach Shack Cafe is the first book in PIPPA’S ISLAND series written by Belinda Murrell, who is a full-time author of lots of books including LULU BELL and THE TIME SLIP series.

Pippa, her sister, her brother and her mother are moving from London to Kira Cove. When her parents divorce and then their business has gone bankrupt, they are forced to find alternatives. Their mother comes up with a crazy plan to turn an abandoned shack into a cafe and bookshop. But things don’t go as planned, with missing deliveries, work equipment and loss of staff. Can Pippa solve the problems on time?

At school thing are worse still. Pippa has troubles finding her place in Kira Island Primary School. She has a fight with a bully and ends up going to the principal’s office. She has the added stress of missing her old house, school, and friends.

Can Pippa save the day with her new BFF’s? Can she make the new place her home? Read more to find out about Pippa’s family adventures, tropical island living and the power of friendship.

I loved reading this book especially because it marked the beginning of our winter holidays. And with grey skies and low temperatures, it was great to cuddle up inside and read about island adventures in the sun! Belinda Murrell knows exactly how to draw her readers into the action and keep them there until the final page is turned. On to read the sequel and find out what other adventures Pippa has with her new friends on the beautiful island.