The Enchanted Wood

The Enchanted Wood is written by Enid Blyton and illustrated by Janet & Anne Johnstone, Enid Blyton has written over 600 children’s books for all ages. 

This book makes you want to leap into action as three kids go on exciting adventures up the faraway tree. When Joe, Beth, and Frannie move to the country, they discover that they are living next door to an Enchanted Wood where in the middle grows a Magic Faraway Tree.

This book is perfect for bedtime, when you want an imaginary adventure or if you need to calm down. Join the three friends as they work through their problems, and learn that teamwork is better than going against each other.

Some of the characters featured in this book are: Joe, Beth, Frannie, Moon-Face, Silky, the Magic Snowman, Three Bears, Saucepan Man, Dame Snap, Red Goblins, and many more.

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