The Ruby Talisman

The Ruby Talisman is written by Belinda Murrell and belongs to the time-slip series along with The Locket of Dreams, The Ivory Rose, The Forgotten Pearl, The River Charm, and The Sequin Star.

This adventure novel is centered on Tilly, who goes to spend a few days at her aunt Kara’s terrace house in Annandale. Tilly is working through her big feelings of anger and confusion after her parents’ divorce. She is also sad about having driven away most of her friends with her temper.While in Annandale she finds out about her French ancestors and gets an unexpected trip to 1789 to the agitated times of the French Revolution.

The bridge across time is the ruby talisman belonging originally to Amelie-Mathilde and now to Kara. Tilly gets to see the precious pendant and falls asleep wearing it. When she wakes up Tilly finds herself in the luxurious private rooms of the Palace of Versailles in the presence of Amelie-Mathilde, her guardians, other aristocratic families and the Queen herself (Marie-Antoinette).

This book is full of panic, fright, happiness, sadness, excitement, delight and cheerfulness along the journey of its original characters.

I hope that when you read The Ruby Talisman you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading this adventure.

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