Little Meerkat

Little Meerkat is written by Aleesah Darlinson and illustrated by Shannon Melville and it was published by Wombat Books in 2014.

This book is perfect for younger kids as they will learn to listen to parent advice to stay safe.

The story is about a Little Meerkat who is adventurous and who doesn’t want to be a baby anymore. Little Meerkat wants to be a heroic hunter, expert tracker, eagle-eyed lookout, silent stealthy scout, scorpion warrior, superbly powerful swimmer and an intrepid explorer. Little Meerkat takes turns in trying to be each of these and the story beautifully and with humour shows how this works.

The story has rhythm and rhyme that builds up and gets you excited and curious from the beginning all the way to the end. It has lots of funny parts, it is interesting and educational.


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