Creative Writing Workshop with Belinda Murrell

It was a cold July morning, a bit windy and cloudy. The minute we walked into Beecroft Children’s Bookshop the warm heat and the smell of newly printed books wrapped around us and welcomed us in the world of magic and knowledge.

We were all ready for a writing workshop for young children presented by Belinda Murrell who is a creative writer and the author of 27 books, collected in three different series: the LULU BELL series, the TIME-SLIP series and the SUN SWORD TRILOGY.

We were welcomed by the bookshop’s owner himself, Paul Macdonald, and lead to the classroom where Belinda was waiting with everything set up and ready to go.

We spent three compact hours reading fragments from Belinda’s books, learning about the structure of a story, planning our own stories and the characters in them, playing brainstorming games, and writing a few sketches of our own.

At the end of the workshop some of us presented one of our stories to the parents and grandparents present and Paul handed us certificates of participation.

It was a great day in the company of the inspiring Belinda Murrell, a day full of excitement and the magic of writing. I will remember it for a long time and I’m going to use the techniques that I learned in my own writing.




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