News: Alice-Miranda Books to be Adapted Into a TV Series

On the 20th of June Mediaweek announced that SLR Productions in partnership with ZDF Enterprises have started developing the ALICE-MIRANDA books into 26 animated mini-episodes for 6-9 year-olds. It will be broadcast by the local Nine Network.

I am so very excited about this news and I can’t wait until the first episode is out! I’m sure that all ALICE-MIRANDA readers are looking forward to the TV adaptation of this successful book series.

I can’t help but wonder if CLEMENTINE ROSE book series will have the same fate and be adapted to screen as well. I’m sure all CLEMENTINE ROSE readers would be more then happy if it happened!

Jacqueline Harvey is a very witty, bright and talented writer and I love her stories and characters. I read them with pleasure. Then re-read them some more.

To see Jacqueline Harvey’s blog post announcing this news, please click here.

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