Clementine Rose and the Birthday Emergency

Clementine Rose and the Birthday Emergency is written by Jacqueline Harvey and illustrated by J. Yi.

It is book  number 10 from the CLEMENTINE ROSE Series.

The book focuses on Clementine Rose and the challenges she faces. There is a school sports carnival to attend. She is looking forward to running a very special race, children vs. parents vs. teachers. And also participating in other athletic events along her friends.

Clementine is very excited about her upcoming birthday, as well. She has to decide on a party theme and choose one that is suitable for both girls and boys so all her friends could dress up and have fun. And there are decorations to put together!

But not all things go as planned. Lavender, the tea cup pig, is acting strange and ends up at the vet clinic. Clementine Rose is not feeling too well either. Aunt Violet is keeping secrets and then there are the usual squabbles between Aunt Violet and Digby Pertwhistle with Lady Clarissa caught in the middle.

Can things get fixed and work out in the end? Will Clementine Rose run the big race? Will the birthday party even take place? And will Lavender recover in time for Clemmie’s birthday?

I will tell you a secret: Jacqueline Harvey makes sure that things work out well in the end, with everybody participating to save the day and set things right.

If you want to find out more, then pick up a copy of this beautiful story full of feelings, and read this exciting Clementine Rose adventure.

I very much enjoyed Clementine Rose and the Birthday Emergency as it is a captivating and a well written story with funny characters. Now I’m looking forward to  the next Clementine Rose adventure.

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