Alice-Miranda in the Alps

Alice-Miranda in the Alps is written Jacqueline Harvey and illustrated by J.Yi.

It is book number 12 from the ALICE-MIRANDA Series.

The book focuses on Alice-Miranda and her friends having new experiences, learning, having fun, and facing challenges to be sorted out along the way.

Alice-Miranda, her friends and family members are staying in the Swiss Alps at the Fanger’s Palace to ski, snowboard, sightsee and experience the unique mountain pony racing event which her parents are sponsoring. The owners of the Fanger’s Palace Hotel of St Moritz are Delphine Doerflinger and Otto Fanger, an interesting pair with some intriguing dealings.

Alice-Miranda catches a glimpse of Baron von Zwicky, a close family friend and the owner of the Grand Hotel von Zwicky from the lovely Zermatt village. Her parents had been trying to contact him for a few months so they could stay at his picturesque hotel. But they find out that things are not going well at his hotel and they are willing to help him to put things right.

As expected, there are some accidents along the way, some mysterious and unexplained happenings, some shady characters upsetting the smooth run of life and even some people being kidnapped. Alice-Miranda deals with everything in a bright and optimistic manner with the help of her friends.

As usually with the books from Alice-Miranda series, I learned some new things and got to read more about some topics I didn’t know much about. For example, while reading Alice-Miranda in the Alps, I went and read more about the ice tobogganing on Cresta Run here and here.

I also found out more about the Glacier Express and saw some interesting pictures here.

Alice-Miranda’s adventures also reminded me of my own ski and snowboarding adventures in the Snowy Mountains in the Australian Alps earlier this year.

Jaqueline Harvey’s writing in captivating, interesting, witty, bright and fun. It keeps you with the book open until you’ve finished it and found out the solution to the crisis. Then you will come back for more: you can either read the book again or you can choose another one from the series. I can tell you I’m looking forward to Alice-Miranda to the Rescue being published soon.

I thoroughly recommend Alice-Miranda in the Alps because it is a great adventure and an interesting chapter in the ALICE-MIRANDA Series.

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