The Clementine Rose series is written by Australian writer Jacqueline Harvey and illustrated by J.Yi.

The books in the series focus on the lovely little Clementine Rose, her family and friends saving the day, having new experiences, making new friends, learning and having fun.

The adventures have the following titles:

  • Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor
  • Clementine Rose and the Pet Day Disaster
  • Clementine Rose and the Perfect Present
  • Clementine Rose and the Farm Fiasco
  • Clementine Rose and the Seaside Escape
  • Clementine Rose and the Treasure Box
  • Clementine Rose and the Famous Friend
  • Clementine Rose and the Ballet Break-In
  • Clementine Rose and the Movie Magic
  • Clementine Rose and the Birthday Emergency
  • Clementine Rose and the Special Promise
  • Clementine Rose and the Paris Puzzle
  • Clementine Rose and the Wedding Wobbles
  • Clementine Rose and the Bake-Off Dilemma

Each book presents one of Clementine’s exciting adventures and we get to know more about this lovely little girl, her family and friends.

It all starts with Clementine Rose coming to Penberthy Floss as a baby in a basket of dinner rolls in the back of the village baker’s mini-van. She is welcomed by Lady Clarissa Appleby and the butler Digby Pertwhistle. She grows up in Penberthy House together with her teacup Pig, Lavander. Clementine Rose is helping her mum run the house as a hotel in order to be able to keep it and fix it, as it is a very old, heritage building. Aunt Violet, the mysterious sister of Lady Clarissa’s father, with her sphinx cat, Paraoh, arrive to Penberthy House. Everybody’s life changes because they need to learn to live together and help each other in times of need.

We as readers are introduced to Clementine’s world, the local village with various characters, different troubles and exciting adventures.

The characters are well-rounded, interesting and some of them stylish and inspiring. We fall in love with some of them, get angry with others but we get to look forward to their adventures, behaviour and outcomes.

I just loved Clementine, Lady Clarissa, Uncle Digby and Aunt Violet through the series. I loved to see how they interacted with each other, how their behaviour towards each other changed and how they learned to be more inclusive and understanding.

Jaqueline Harvey’s writing in captivating, interesting, witty, bright and fun. It keeps you coming back for more.

I thoroughly recommend this series because it is a great big adventure in a lovely village and presents interesting chapters in the life of Clementine Rose and her friends. You can start reading her adventures from book 1. Or you can pick any book in the series and you will still understand its action, the characters and the story. Jacqueline Harvey is careful to make it possible no matter where you join Clemmie’s adventures.

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I also enjoyed reading the SECRET SEVEN by the late English writer Enid Blyton. If you like magical stories, you’ll enjoy Blyton’s THE ENCHANTED WOOD, THE MAGICAL FARAWAY TREE, THE FOLK OF THE FARAWAY TREE, THE ADVENTURES OF THE WISHING CHAIR and her collection of BEDTIME STORIES FOR CHILDREN.

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