The Alice-Miranda series is written by Australian writer Jacqueline Harvey and illustrated by J.Yi.

The books in this series present the exciting adventures of the sweet Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones after she goes to the boarding school at Winchesterfield-Downsfordvale Academy for Proper Young Ladies. Alice-Miranda, her family and friends have great experiences, make new friends, learn and have fun.

Alice-Miranda’s adventures have the following titles:

  • Alice-Miranda at School
  • Alice-Miranda on Holiday
  • Alice-Miranda Takes the Lead
  • Alice-Miranda at Sea
  • Alice-Miranda in New York
  • Alice-Miranda Shows the Way
  • Alice-Miranda in Paris
  • Alice-Miranda Shines Bright
  • Alice-Miranda in Japan
  • Alice-Miranda at Camp
  • Alice-Miranda at the Alps
  • Alice-Miranda to the Rescue
  • Alice-Miranda in China
  • Alice-Miranda Holds the Key
  • Alice-Miranda in Hollywood
  • Alice-Miranda in Scotland


Each of these books present one of Alice-Miranda’s exciting adventures and we get to know more about her friends, her school life and her family.

It all starts with a 7 year-old Alice-Miranda starting at the big school and the challenges she needs to conquer along the way, the amazing places she visits, the people she meets and the friends she makes.

We as readers are introduced to Alice-Miranda’s new world, with various characters, different troubles and exciting adventures. Alice-Miranda is a very bright and resourceful girl, with lots of ideas and a taste for fixing broken situations. She manages to save the day no matter where in the world she goes!

The characters are complex, interesting and inspiring. We get to feel with them, live their troubles and joys, and will look forward to their adventures and how they change along the way.

Jacqueline Harvey’s writing is crisp, captivating, interesting, witty, and fun. It is refreshing and inviting you to pick up the next book in the series and see what happens next.

I thoroughly recommend this series because it is a great big adventure and follows the life of Alice-Miranda in various situations and places. You can start reading her adventures from book 1. Or you can pick any book in the series and you will still understand its action, the characters and the story. Jacqueline Harvey is careful to make it possible no matter where you join Alice-Miranda’s adventures.

If you like the ALICE-MIRANDA series, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the CLEMENTINE ROSE series – you can read the review here.

Other amazing adventures to check out are the ones in the LULU BELL series, by Australian writer Belinda Murrell – you can read the review here. Also have a look at the UNICORN RIDERS by Aleesha Darlison, another talented Australian writer.

I also enjoyed reading the SECRET SEVEN by the late English writer Enid Blyton. If you like magical stories, you’ll love Blyton’s THE ENCHANTED WOOD, THE MAGICAL FARAWAY TREE, THE FOLK OF THE FARAWAY TREE, THE ADVENTURES OF THE WISHING CHAIR and her collection of BEDTIME STORIES FOR CHILDREN.

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